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Our life sized horse riding simulator, situated in the comfort of our luxury studio, allows you to learn with no external distractions and no need to worry about the weather either!  With several different programs to choose from the EQUICISE Simulator’s advanced sensors and state of the art features include the ability to produce computerised prints outs which enable us to track your progress. Our EQUICISE Instructors are all experienced, qualified horse riding teachers who have undergone extensive training on the Simulator. Come and see for yourself how the Simulator improves your core stability, balance and co-ordination whilst developing fitness and burning calories!   EQUICISE can help make you  the rider you want to be!

30 min Private Lessons Tues-Sun.  Group lessons by arrangement.  EQUICISE Simulator Members are able to use the Simulator for personal practice sessions and “Hop on” sessions when available.


  • dressage lessons on a horse riding simulator

The Dressage Simulator is a fantastic training aid for horse riders of all levels from happy hacker to experienced competitor. Dressage enthusiasts can even ride movements such as piaffe, half pass and flying change and ride dressage tests too. And no matter how many times you practice this horse will never say no!


The mechanical horse is invaluable for introducing people to horse riding.  You can gain confidence and develop your skills within a safe and controlled environment with a personal EQUICISE instructor at your side. When you get on a horse for the first time you will look like you have been riding all your life!


  • horse riding simulator to improve your riding fitness

The Simulator is perfect for those returning to riding after a break and wanting to regain their riding fitness. Your EQUICISE instructor will ensure you progress at your own pace and with correct training enable you to redevelop specific muscle groups without putting unnecessary strain on other parts of the body.




30 minute sessions

First Lesson Special Offer £39* (Online booking only.  Not valid for gift vouchers)
Single Lesson £50
3 Lesson Pack £135 (£45 per lesson)
5 Lesson Pack £200 (£40 per lesson)

Longer sessions and group sessions are available by arrangement



 Become an EQUICISE Member –  have fun, improve your fitness and become a better rider!

Enjoy priority booking, reduced prices, personal practice on the Simulator, use of the Fitness Studio and even the opportunity to ‘Hop On’ the Simulator when it is not in use (see individual memberships for details).  Of course there is also an abundance of social events and free talks that you can enjoy with your new fitness friends and the opportunity to see our beautiful horses every time you come to exercise!

Includes the following every month:

One 30 minute Private Simulator Lesson
Three 20 minute Members’ Practice sessions
‘Hop-on’ sessions (one 10 minute session) per day
Use of Fitness Studio.and equipment when available

£100 pcm

*Simulator Members pay for additional 30 min Private Lessons £36, 20 min Practice Sessions £15