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Chris and Family – Best London Riding School

 Instructors are first rate! I first started visiting Wimbledon Village Stables with my five year old twins who loved coming in to feed carrots to the horses.  Having never ridden before I now ride with my children every week and own one of the horses stabled in the yard. ...Read More

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Claire – Life changing

 Life changing My experience at Wimbledon Village Stables has been life changing and for that I am sincerely grateful. When I first came to WVS I was recovering from a severe relapse of multiple sclerosis and had never ridden a horse before. ...Read More

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Clive Standen – a huge thank you

 A huge thank you The riding training Jenny has given me has been absolutely vital in keeping me alive out here! I have done all sorts of stunts... had to gallop through flaming catapults with explosions going off all around me! ...Read More

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Susan – I have been constantly impressed

 Constantly impressed Over the years, I have been constantly impressed by the many changes that Carol and her team have wrought, often finding improvements when it looked to me as a livery - and something of a perfectionist myself - as if none were needed. ...Read More

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Em and co – Delighted and grateful

 Delighted and grateful I can't begin to express how happy I am and how thankful I am to you. I cannot believe, we (as a family) have been so lucky to find you, the stables, the girls and our lovely horse! ...Read More

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Charles – Fun at WVS

 Fun at WVS I decided to return to riding after many years and chose riding for fun at Wimbledon Village Stables (WVS). I am gradually regaining equestrian-style fitness, having put in over 200 rides. ...Read More

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Tricia – Thoroughly recommend

 Thoroughly recommend It is a truth universally acknowledged truth that anyone who spends the working week sitting at a PC and hanging from a rail on a cramped tube is in need of an antidote at the weekend. ...Read More

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Aurore – Created something special

 Very special I have enjoyed so many years of riding at the yard and now that I am returning to Brittany I will take with me precious and very sweet memories which will long last. WVS is not only about riding, it goes way beyond in my view. ...Read More

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Paul – Honor and privilege

 Honor and privilege Everyone has been so incredibly welcoming and supportive, and I can’t thank you enough for letting me be a part of your team over the past few months. ...Read More

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Jane – Quality of instruction is superb

 Instruction is superb I arrived at Wimbledon Village Stables as an extremely nervous 60 year old, never having ridden before in my life – but having wanted to ever since I saw horses (pulling carts!) on the streets when I was a toddler. ...Read More

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