speech marks Life changing

claireMy experience at Wimbledon Village Stables has been life changing and for that I am sincerely grateful. When I first came to WVS I was recovering from a severe relapse of multiple sclerosis and had never ridden a horse before.

My relapse had left me with very weak core muscle strength and so my balance and my stability were big problems for me. I friend suggested I try riding at WVS. Two years later I am much fitter, my balance and stability are normal and I am a more confident person. And I can ride a horse – which had been a hospital bed dream.

I have had the pleasure of three different instructors in my time at WVS who helped me develop through the different stages in my new found skill. I now own my lovely Roo, whom I adore and who makes me look good. I would never have believed I could own a horse and feel skilled enough to know him and win rosettes on him.

Many, many, thanks and best wishes to you all.

Warm regards