Why horse riding at Wimbledon Village Stables is good for you!

Horse riding is not just a sport, it’s a partnership. The connection that can be achieved with a horse is hard to put into words. As you get to know our horses, they get to know you. We help you to make the right match and build trust – making for a happier  and more fulfilling experience for you both. All our horses are privately-owned and much loved and they all have their own personalities so you will find it hard to pick a favourite..

Horse riding can make you feel happy and positive, and lower your stress hormones – it naturally stimulates production of serotonin, giving you a sense of well-being. And it can satisfy a number of different requirements. Some people ride simply to relax and unwind outdoors on peaceful hacks across Wimbledon Common giving you the opportunity​ to experience and interact with nature, take in the fresh air, smell the foliage and see the wildlife.

Others want to focus on training and learning new skills such as dressage or jumping – when you ride, you never stop learning! This gives you a powerful sense of achievement, especially as you make progress towards new goals. Whatever your preference, our instructors can help you, either to improve your riding –  or to provide congenial company if you just want to enjoy the beautiful surroundings as you watch the changing seasons.

Riding combines a cardiovascular workout with a rewarding mental challenge. It helps improve your fitness and balance, build muscle tone, encourage muscle strength and improve hand-eye coordination and joint mobility, while also burning calories – an invigorating lesson without stirrups in the ring is as good as going for a lunchtime gym workout!

Horse riders are typically a social crowd. With a shared love of horses, you’ll find you make friends for life, often with people you would otherwise have been unlikely to meet, and we offer many opportunities to do that, whether it is just a coffee after your ride with a fellow rider or you attend our Charity Ball – there are plenty of events for you to join.

Horse riding gives you a sense of freedom that no other sport can match, come along and experience it for yourself – there is nothing else like it in the world!


I just wanted to say a massive thanks for the intensive course last week. I really, really enjoyed it and feel that I have got so much out of it. Lots to think about and work on and Caroline was absolutely brilliant! I definitely feel I’ve gained confidence and am really looking forward to putting everything I’ve learnt into practice over the next few months. 

It was also great to spend so much time at the yard and get to know the staff and horses a bit better. Everyone is just so lovely there and you have such a wonderful team who are always smiling, whatever the weather.  🙂 Sophie

For me WVS is a little bit of heaven, somewhere to go where everyone is kind to each other while offering support and encouragement.  On top of that we have a lot of fun one couldn’t ask for more.

There is no other place like it.  We are so lucky to have the opportunity to ride with you guys.

I really do appreciate every day I spend with you all and Mario of course.

Love Jayne and Mario xxxx

A short but very sincere note to say firstly ‘congratulations’ for pulling off such a spectacular night and secondly ‘thank you’ for having such huge hearts and supporting such amazing charities. We need more people like you in this world! We had a fabulous evening – the food, venue, music, dancing, people and (of course the prizes and auction) were just brilliant…

Thank you again and we will definitely be there again next year…

Warmest regards Kerry-Lyn