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Here is just a very small selection of testimonials written by clients past and present.

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speech marks Instructors are first rate!

ChrisI first started visiting Wimbledon Village Stables with my five year old twins who loved coming in to feed carrots to the horses.  Having never ridden before I now ride with my children every week and own one of the horses stabled in the yard. …Read More

speech marks Life changing

claireMy experience at Wimbledon Village Stables has been life changing and for that I am sincerely grateful. When I first came to WVS I was recovering from a severe relapse of multiple sclerosis and had never ridden a horse before.
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speech marks A huge thank you

cliveThe riding training Jenny has given me has been absolutely vital in keeping me alive out here! I have done all sorts of stunts… had to gallop through flaming catapults with explosions going off all around me!

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speech marks Constantly impressed

susanOver the years, I have been constantly impressed by the many changes that Carol and her team have wrought, often finding improvements when it looked to me as a livery – and something of a perfectionist myself – as if none were needed.

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speech marks Delighted and grateful

emI can’t begin to express how happy I am and how thankful I am to you. I cannot believe, we (as a family) have been so lucky to find you, the stables, the girls and our lovely horse!

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speech marks Fun at WVS

CharlesI decided to return to riding after many years and chose riding for fun at Wimbledon Village Stables (WVS). I am gradually regaining equestrian-style fitness, having put in over 200 rides.

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speech marks Thoroughly recommend

triciaIt is a truth universally acknowledged truth that anyone who spends the working week sitting at a PC and hanging from a rail on a cramped tube is in need of an antidote at the weekend.

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speech marks Very special

auroreI have enjoyed so many years of riding at the yard and now that I am returning to Brittany I will take with me precious and very sweet memories which will long last. WVS is not only about riding, it goes way beyond in my view.
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speech marks Honor and privilege

paulEveryone has been so incredibly welcoming and supportive, and I can’t thank you enough for letting me be a part of your team over the past few months.

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speech marks Instruction is superb

janeI arrived at Wimbledon Village Stables as an extremely nervous 60 year old, never having ridden before in my life – but having wanted to ever since I saw horses (pulling carts!) on the streets when I was a toddler.
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speech marks Best experience I’ve had 

nicole and susanMy mom and I wanted to send our thanks for the great hack we had at WVS.  We are so glad we found WVS and were able to ride there during our trip to London. This is by far the best experience I’ve had riding abroad.
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speech marks Best London Riding School

gillianI have been a Gold member of Wimbledon Village Stables since 2004 and I am lucky enough to be able to ride twice a week – for me it is the best London Riding School!

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It was wonderful to discover a stable of happy, willing horses so close to Central London, and also to be supported by Carol and all the positive team as a nervous rider only recently getting ‘back on the horse’. Wimbledon Village has a wide range of horses and ponies all with very individual personalities, and they are very sensitive to matching horse and rider to keep both happy, learning and secure. It has to be the cleanest and nicest smelling yard in all my travels, and with a perky face peering out of every stall (and even the office)! I would wholeheartedly recommend this stables to anyone of any experience, from the most timid knee-shakers to my horse-loving acquaintances with years of competing.

Poppy, W2 

The riding training Jenny has given me has been absolutely vital in keeping me alive out here! I have done all sorts of stunts… had to gallop through flaming catapults with explosions going off all around me last week…I had to do a big jump over a fence but after 2 failed attempts the stunt man had to step in so maybe next time! I hope to keep up the riding so hopefully see you when I get back and once again a huge thank you to Jenny and everyone else at the stables.

Clive Standen,  Actor 

I just wanted to say a massive thanks for the intensive course last week. I really, really enjoyed it and feel that I have got so much out of it. Lots to think about and work on and Caroline was absolutely brilliant! I definitely feel I’ve gained confidence and am really looking forward to putting everything I’ve learnt into practice over the next few months.

It was also great to spend so much time at the yard and get to know the staff and horses a bit better. Everyone is just so lovely there and you have such a wonderful team who are always smiling, whatever the weather 🙂  Hope the weekend is going well and see you next week!


What a unique special school we have sweetly found.  What teachers and lovely people. Thanks for all you did for Victoria. Incredibly special for her and us.  Can’t wait until next year.


Melissa and Patrick McEnroe

Thank you so much! Splendid lesson,  excellent,  patient teacher. Looking  forward to booking my next ride with you.



I have been riding for a few years now in the free time that I have. Something that I have been wanting to do for while was to have a lesson at Wimbledon Village Stables and experience the Common on horseback.  It was beyond anything I expected for all the right reasons. I was able to grow confidence whilst enjoying the scenery around and as well as building up strength in the trot, I was able to have a short canter, something I had never done before and it just made it even more fun!  Having visited for the day, it was in the end well worth the money I paid for it. I would hope I can come again to enjoy another ride in the not too distant future.  Thank you to WVS for a such a great day out. Special thanks for my lesson instructor, Kate, for really improving my riding skills. And a very special thanks to the lovely Jazz, the horse for my lesson. She gave me such an amazing ride, so sweet and beautiful and very well behaved! If ever I had a horse of my own, it would be something like Jazz.


I have now returned home to Australia and wanted to convey my appreciation for the fantastic lessons that you and your team provided during my visit. Roberta was very knowledgeable and patient in guiding a novice rider such as me in the basic points of riding whilst making the lesson lots of fun. I have to say the lessons were a major trip highlight.  Kind regards Andrew


I  joined WVS as a member a month ago to get back into riding, having learnt as a child. The WVS instructors have made me feel confident about remembering how to ride from the outset, providing me with excellent teaching and guidance to improve my riding skills. The stables also offers lots of extra activities including horse care courses and social events. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and friendly place to ride close to London.


I’ve had such a brilliant time as a member of the stables, and I’ve loved every minute, rain and shine, of riding all the lovely horses. My confidence in riding has gone from strength to strength, I remember turning up on my first day and barely being able to canter in a circle without feeling sick – in April this year I took a horse I’d never even seen before around a 3 foot sponsored ride and did almost every jump. This simply wouldn’t be possible without the support, tuition and development I’ve received at the hands of WV staff, and I have you all to thank for a renewed interest and enthusiasm for riding.


I started riding at Wimbledon Village Stables as a Silver Member 2 years ago just days after arriving from Australia. WVS was the last stables in London I looked at for membership, and from the moment I stepped foot inside their grounds I loved it. I have ridden at many stables around the world including New York, Singapore and Australia, but never have I seen a better kept and run stable. All areas within the stables were clean and tidy, and the tack room is absolutely spotless. The whole place runs like a well-oiled machine, thanks to the efficient and dedicated staff chosen by the wonderful owners Carol and Caroline. The horses at the stables are happy and healthy and well cared for, it is obvious to see they love it there too.

WVS offers Members and owners alike a wide and varied range of courses and demonstrations throughout the year. I took part in many courses and watched in awe the wonderful demonstrations held by the very talented instructors, they show us how it’s meant to be done!

Wimbledon Village Stables supports charities through various events throughout the year including The Annual Charity Ball held at Cannizaro House and the Annual Sponsored Ride. I volunteered at the Summer Show as a Steward for the jumping events, a great day was had by all. I loved watching the riders from our stables compete, and win.

On a more personal note, I would like to thank the whole staff at the stables for always being there with a smile, even on the most miserable of days. WVS will always be my favourite memory of living in London, I will miss it everyday. I will keep their brilliant web site in my favourites so I can see the horses whenever I like.

Kalie, Australia  

Just wanted to say thank you to you, Carol and Claire for organising such another great day. That’s the first course (Riding Inside Out) I’ve done at the stables and I really enjoyed it and think I got a lot out of it too. It was so nice that it worked well for all our varying levels of ability and confidence and I hope the others all got something relevant for them out of it as well. When I was practising what Caroline C had said on the way back, I loved how striking the difference felt even though the changes were so subtle, yet at the same time so huge (if that makes sense)!


Having had a 43 year break , WVS have helped me return to riding in a friendly, well run and well informed environment. The horses are a joy to ride and teaching staff excellent.  I’m hooked!


A few weeks ago I came to ride at the stables. I spoke with my Instructor about my idea for possibly doing a short film about the stables. I came with the intention of going only for a ride. It was lovely, a beautiful day, and I had a great lesson. I used to ride a lot as a young girl but have not in a long time and it was wonderful to have some refresher lessons. What struck me as well was the candid simplicity with which my instructor spoke about how much she enjoyed her job, how wonderful the business was and how connected the customers, horses and staff were.  Your business is lovely. I felt very real people all around me. You can’t fake this, it is only real, when it is real. I would like to explore a way to learn something from what is happening there to help people, children, around the world, bring that kind of world of possibility to their own schools, communities, families.

Katalina (USA)

I just wanted to thank you all for organising such a terrific day for us (Our Sponsored Ride). In addition to the very worthwhile cause, it was a great day out. The weather was lovely, the company good, my horse was perfect and I felt I was able to continue to increase my riding skills. Such fun; rounded off by a really nice lunch and the thoughtful distribution of tokens, champagne and rosettes (my first!) so that we all went away feeling good. Many thanks for setting it up.

Best wishes Susan

Everyone has been so incredibly welcoming and supportive, and I can’t thank you enough for letting me be a part of your team over the past few months.  It’s been a true honour and privilege to work beside and learn from such a talented and dedicated team of professionals who love what they do.

Volunteer – Paul, USA

Thank you  for everything. For caring and believing we can learn, making us work on what we thought we couldn’t do and encouraging us all the way. I’ve learnt so much.


Thank you for making one of my dreams come true…… to have some great ‘horse riding’ experiences and meet new friends with similar interests.


I have had a couple of horses at Wimbledon Village Stables and I can honestly say that Carol, Caroline, Claire and the staff have been kind, professional and incredibly helpful. They have taught me a lot about both riding, and horse care and I am very grateful to them all.


I started riding at WVS almost 2 years ago and arrived as a very nervous beginner! But with such patient and enthusiastic instructors to encourage and challenge me it’s been a wonderful experience improving my riding and enjoying the beautiful common. There is a very social and supportive atmosphere and a Saturday morning ride isn’t complete without a cup of coffee with friends afterwards. And I haven’t even mentioned the horses yet! I have my favourite of course, but they are all so well loved and cared for and each has a unique personality and is a pleasure to ride. It really is the highlight of my week!”

Simone, South Africa

Jean and I want to say “thank you to you and Jenny, Claire and Natasha who took us out when we rode at the stables during our vacation. We were very impressed with the quality of the horses we rode at Wimbledon Village Stables, and the professionalism of the staff. It’s a joy to ride well-cared for, well-trained horses. Our rides with you will be wonderful memories for us, and we hope that we get an opportunity to visit you again. Sincerely,

Mary Ann and Jean, USA

I started riding at WVS over 28 years ago and over the years it has become almost like a second home to me…..Carol, Caroline and all their staff have made me and my family feel so welcome over this time and they continue to provide some of the best quality riding to be found (at least I think that’s the case, but I haven’t really ridden anywhere else in 28 years!).


I joined WVS in December last year and I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of the team for re-introducing me to horse riding. The stables are very well managed and organise lots of events for their members. I now enjoy riding more than I ever did, because of the great instructors, the beautiful common and last but not least the fantastic and well looked after horses and ponies.


What attracted me to WVS was the fact that firstly, unlike most riding schools, the lessons take place through Wimbledon Village and onto the Common. For me, riding is about ‘real life’ riding and not so much ‘school work’ (I have no ambition to appear in the Olympics!) so combining lessons, and training hacks in the beautiful scenery of Wimbledon Common seemed absolutely perfect! Secondly, I was pleasantly surprised by the knowledgeable, helpful and friendly the staff and instructors; I was made to feel very welcome on my initial visit. I had ‘phoned numerous other stables beforehand and was either met by an answerphone message – to which I never got a reply – or someone who either sounded bored, disinterested and/or hurried! Lastly, as animal welfare is of extreme importance to me, I was delighted to be greeted that day by a row of friendly, interested faces appearing over the stable doors as soon as I set foot in the yard. And although WVS is a city yard (but you’d hardly believe it when you see the Common!) with no turn out of it’s own, what ‘clinched the deal’ was the fact that all the horses have regular ‘holidays’ away from the stables on a farm where they can be Just Horses. This I feel, is so important to both their mental and physical well-being and is proof (if it were ever needed!) that the horses at WVS are well-loved and well cared for. You just have to look at how smart they are to know that they get the very best of care and attention. What more can I say? WVS is the best place to ride in London. Wonderful, well-schooled and happy horses, great instructors, caring owners and beautiful surroundings. What more could a rider wish for?

Linda C 

I had longed to ride as a child, but sadly it was way beyond my parents’ budget so, when my daughter Olivia said she would like to learn to ride, I was pleased to be able to oblige. I suppose I was doing the classic thing of living my dream through my child, but she hasn’t complained so far. There was never any contest about her favourite pony at Wimbledon Village Stables – it was always Rolo. Olivia had been riding Rolo every week for nearly a year when, just before Christmas 2003, Hilary (Alice’s owner) rang me with the momentous news that Rolo might be coming up for sale. I knew immediately that we’d have to try and buy her because I couldn’t bear the thought of her going to anyone else. (Response from husband: “Are you completely mad?”) I was so excited on Christmas Eve that I couldn’t sleep. On Christmas morning we managed to get the whole family up to the stables including Grandma, Grandad and a rather reluctant older brother, without arousing any suspicion. Olivia was just thrilled to be at the stables on Christmas Day for the first time and was wholly unaware of what was about to happen. As we walked into the yard, Rolo was brought out to meet us and stood before the assembled crowd looking absolutely beautiful, bedecked with tinsel, ribbons, bells and bows and a huge sign round her neck saying “Merry Christmas Olivia”. I’d like to say that I had a little tear; the truth was my shoulders started heaving and, once I started, I couldn’t stop. Olivia was handed Rolo’s reins and she stood there holding her and grinning, slightly bemused why everyone was clapping and cheering and her mother was standing there sobbing. It still never occurred to her that she was being given Rolo as her Christmas present. We had to spell it out to her and, when the penny eventually dropped, she went completely white, clasped her hand to her mouth like they do in films, and was totally silent for a good minute or so. This is quite unusual. On the way home, a deliriously happy Olivia declared, “My dream has just come true and I am the luckiest girl in the world”. It wasn’t just Olivia’s dream – it was mine too. And my Mum and Dad were there to see it.


I wanted to express my gratitude for all the pleasure I enjoyed at the Show and the BBQ on Saturday. You must all have worked very hard to produce such a well organised event. As a newcomer attending my first show it was lovely to meet so many people who all made me feel very welcome. i did actually learn a thing or two as well! I really enjoyed seeing the horses I know jumping and their performance in the musical ride was spectacular. The riders of course had something to do with that and were superb despite the heat. I do hope they enjoyed it as much as the spectators. They all seemed pretty happy in the evening. Once again Carol my thanks to you and all your staff for a wonderful day.

Kind regards.