The Fantastic Mr Fudge

Meet our marvellous Miniature Shetland, The Fantastic Mr Fudge!  Born in 2003, he is fully grown and stands at the dizzy height of 33 inches tall! What he lacks in size he makes up in personality!  Fudge is a dun colour and the unusual line down his back is called a dorsal stripe.  Like any other horse Fudge loves going for walks and if you look hard enough on the common you might see him enjoying an outing with one of his friends.  Because of his breed it’s important not to give Fudge any treats when you come to visit as it could make him ill.  As the WVS Mascot, Fudge enjoys a busy schedule of public appearances and charity fundraising.  He loves to be admired and stroked gently, so do come and pay him a visit the next time you’re in Wimbledon Village!

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WVS Members can become Fudge Friends and take him out for walks on the Common.  We want to make sure that everyone who takes him out is very knowledgeable and sensitive to his needs so  if you are interested you will need to complete the Fudge Handling Course and take the Fudge Friend Test.


Photo shoots

Hire Fudge for your advertising/photo shoots.  With his handsome looks and his unique charm Fudge is always happy to help businesses by making guest appearances  or if you have a family photo shoot  he is always happy to pose.  Please do enquire about his availability.


As well as being our mascot we are also hoping that Fudge will raise lots of money for charity.  So if you have a charity event please enquire.  At WVS we have a collecting box  for his chosen charity.  If you make a donation you can have a Fantastic Mr Fudge sticker!


Planning a picnic on Wimbledon Common and would like Fudge to join you for an hour?  Email for more details

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