Gift voucher ideas from Wimbledon Village Stables

Wimbledon Village Stables horse riding vouchers make an ideal present for the horse riding enthusiast.

For the ultimate horse riding gift you can purchase Gold and Silver Memberships which include riding for every week of the year.   We can also provide vouchers for one hour rides and lessons on weekdays only (Tuesday-Friday at 9.00, 10.15, 11.30 and 2.00).  In addition we have put together some packages to include riding and other experiences to make an even more memorable and luxurious gift.

Please note the following restrictions: weight limit 90 kg and minimum age is 9 years.

Wimbledon Village Stables offers Gift Vouchers for the following:

Ride or Lesson Vouchers

We can supply Vouchers for one hour rides and lessons on weekdays only (Tuesday-Friday at 9.00, 10.15, 11.30 and 2.00)

One hour private ride or lesson suitable for all riding levels £95

Please see Frequently asked questions for further information


horse riding simulator for beginnersA 30 minute private lesson on our state of the art horse riding simulator suitable for all riding levels.

Call 020 8946 8579 to purchase a voucher

The Ultimate Horse Riding Gift!Membership of Wimbledon Village Stables

Silver Membership – Horse riding for one hour every week of the year on a weekday

Gold Membership – Horse riding for one hour every weekend of the year

Associate Membership – Priority booking and discounted rates

Please enquire for further information – Membership Enquiry Form

Read Membership questions

LEVEL 1 Never ridden or very little experience
LEVEL 2 Able to ride independently, rise to trot, learning canter
LEVEL 3 Able to trot and canter but rusty or lacking experience
LEVEL 4 Confident in all paces in arena and on tracks
LEVEL 5 Experienced and proficient horse rider
LEVEL 6 Professional qualifications or competition experience
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“The horse is God’s gift to Mankind”  Arabian proverb