Tricia – Thoroughly recommend

speech marks Thoroughly recommend

triciaIt is a truth universally acknowledged truth that anyone who spends the working week sitting at a PC and hanging from a rail on a cramped tube is in need of an antidote at the weekend.

While a stroll in Richmond Park may seem an attractive remedy, this can leave you suffering from horse-rider envy as one flies by at a canter, or gets more up-close and personal with the deer than mere pedestrians can. In the light of my own search for the ultimate office and TFL cure, I can thoroughly recommend the Wimbledon Village Stables treatment. This encompasses a carefully supervised rural hack on a well-schooled, happy horse that fits the rider’s physique, personality and expertise. The medicine, however, should come with the following caution: WVS equestrian activities can be addictive. I have even been tempted to seek a fix while away holiday, but have become very picky about what, where and with whom I ride when away from home after getting accustomed to WVS all-round high standards.